Topical Mesh

What is the Topical Mesh?

The Topical Mesh strategy is crafted to ensure that Google identifies your website as the most relevant for your targeted keywords. While discussions often revolve around semantic clustering, topical search, and other advanced SEO theories, my approach is different. I provide practical, step-by-step methods that deliver exactly what Google needs. No more BS—just real results.


I’m Laurent, Search Engine Hacker by night and SEO consultant by day since 2004


The Beginning

I started my SEO Journey in 2004. I went straight with an SEO contest where I finished 3rd and knew forever how and what to feed Google.


Golden Era

With a career that took off during the Golden Era of website monetization, I pivoted entirely to SEO consulting in 2008.


Cocon Sémantique

Official french launch of my SEO strategy known as “Cocon Sémantique” or “Topical Mesh”.


Bootcamp SEO

First online school dedicated to teach how to become an SEO (business side) instead of just teaching SEO.


SEO Conspiracy

During the lockdown, I launched SEO Conspiracy, where I share my insights through podcasts and videos, delving into advanced SEO strategies and the future of digital marketing. Feel free to watch.


Topical Mesh

In 2024, I officially introduce the Cocon Sémantique, aka Topical Mesh in English, to the world. Follow along!

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